Country View - Halswell 1st Release


  • Country View - Halswell

    Situated just 10 km from Christchurch Central City in the vibrant and thriving community of in-demand Halswell (one of the fastest-growing residential suburbs of Christchurch).  Offering ample amenities, education for students of all ages, and an exceptional choice of leisure activities within reach.  

    Situated nearby is the renowned Halswell Quarry with its numerous walking trails, mountain bike tracks, and dog park or visit Christchurch's ultimate adventure destination the adventure park boasting epic mountain bike trails, sightseeing, zip-lining, or chilled out down-time in Christchurch’s Port Hills 

    There is something for everyone. 

    Neighbouring communities include Wigram, Prebbleton & Lincoln

Country View - Halswell 1st Release


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Country View - Halswell 1st Release


  • Land Zoning
  • Minimum Dwelling Size
  • Lot Price
  • Fencing
  • Other
  • Total
107 SOLD 474m2 TC 2 13 Sheehan Street Lot 107
108 SOLD 500m2 TC2 15 Sheehan Street Lot 108
109 SOLD 546m2 TC 2 17 Sheehan Street Lot 109
110 SOLD 453m2 TC 2 19 Sheehan Street or 41 Gammack Drive Lot 110
111 SOLD 390m2 TC 2 43 Gammack Drive Lot 111
112 SOLD 390m2 TC 2 45 Gammack Drive Lot 112
113 SOLD 390m2 TC 2 47 Gammack Drive Lot 113
114 SOLD 465m2 TC 2 95 Gammack Drive Lot 114
115 SOLD 390m2 TC 2 97 Skibbereen Drive Lot 115
116 SOLD 390m2 TC 2 99 Skibbereen Drive Lot 116
117 SOLD 400m2+ TC 2 1 Peak Lane Lot 117
118 SOLD 399m2+ TC 2 3 Peak Lane Lot 118
119 SOLD 464m2+ TC 2 5 Peak Lane Lot 119
120 SOLD 464m2+ TC 2 7 Peak Lane Lot 120
121 SOLD 433m2+ TC 2 6 Peak Lane Lot 121
122 SOLD 416m2+ TC 2 4 Peak Lane Lot 122
123 SOLD 417m2+ TC 2 2 Peak Lane Lot 123
124 SOLD 421m2 TC 2 101 Skibbereen Drive Lot 124
125 SOLD 446m2 TC 2 103 Skibbereen Drive Lot 125
126 SOLD 547m2 TC 2 40 Gammack Drive or 2 Blackhill Place Lot 126
127 SOLD 527m2 TC 2 4 Blackhill Place Lot 127
127 SOLD 527m2 TC 2 6 Blackhill Place Lot 128
129 SOLD 600m2+ TC 2 10 Blackhill Place Lot 129
130 SOLD 470m2 TC 2 12 Blackhill Place Lot 130
131 SOLD 495m2 TC 2 9 Blackhill Place Lot 131
132 SOLD 445m2 TC2 7 Blackhill Place Lot 132
133 SOLD 445m2 TC 2 5 Blackhill Place Lot 133
134 SOLD 445m2 TC 2 3 Blackhill Place Lot 134
135 SOLD 525m2 TC 2 1 Blackhill Place or 44 Gammack Drive Lot 135
136 SOLD 520m2 TC 2 46 Gammack Drive Lot 136
137 SOLD 525m2 TC 2 48 Gammack Drive or 93 Skibbereen Drive Lot 137
138 SOLD 510m2 TC 2 91 Skibbereen Drive Lot 138
139 SOLD 481m2 TC 2 89 Skibbereen Drive Lot 139
140 SOLD 452m2 TC 2 87 Skibbereen Drive Lot 140
141 SOLD 422m2 TC 2 83 Skibbereen Drive Lot 141
142 SOLD 454m2 TC 2 81 Skibbereen Drive or 2 Arrowsmith Drive Lot 142
143 SOLD 450m2 TC 2 4 Arrowsmith Drive Lot 143
144 SOLD 450m2 TC 2 6 Arrowsmith Drive Lot 144
145 SOLD 450m2 TC 2 8 Arrowsmith Drive Lot 145
146 SOLD 368m2 TC 2 9 Arrowsmith Drive Lot 146
147 SOLD 368m2 TC 2 7 Arrowsmith Drive Lot 147
148 SOLD 368m2 TC 2 5 Arrowsmith Drive Lot 148
149 SOLD 368m2 TC 2 3 Arrowsmith Drive Lot 149
150 SOLD 500m2 TC 2 1 Arrowsmith Drive or 79 Skibbereen Drive Lot 150

Country View - Halswell 1st Release


  • Country View,  Extension of Country Palms Subdivision 

    Titles Issued

    How can I purchase a section?   

    You can "Register your Interest" in purchasing a section by subscribing to our mailing list (click on the button below).  This will ensure that you are kept up to date with any of our new releases, stages, and pricing in our subdivision.

To ensure consistent quality housing, purchasers are required to obtain written approval from SEL for any dwelling prior to making an application for building consent to Christchurch City Council.

Documents required for Developers Approval:

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan - Floor size must be shown
  • Elevations - Exterior cladding must be shown and include colours
  • Roof Plan
  • Lot number must be on the plans
  • Dwelling Approval Form

It is the vendor's obligation to keep the original dwelling approval on file. Any request for a re-issue of a dwelling approval will incur an administration cost.

Geotech Report

These sections are TC2 and individual site-specific Geotech reports verifying the rating will be supplied to each purchaser as soon as the earthworks are completed. 

Low-Pressure Sewer System

As part of our Subdivision Consent, Christchurch City Council require a low-pressure sewer pump system to be installed, along with the remainder of the house sewer drain works. Suburban Estates provide you with separate information on our website relating to the sewer system with full details of installation requirements.  Please note the sewer pump must be purchased and installed at your own cost

Water Connections

It is up to the purchaser to coordinate the new water connection. Water connections (tobies) are not installed as part of subdivision construction, except for rear access lots (i.e. up a long driveway or right of way). This is a requirement of CCC and happens in all new subdivisions.  The purchaser will need to apply for a water connection at their own cost with CCC. Once approved, the council will send their contractor out to make a connection into the potable water submain which is installed in the berm, approximately 300mm outside the lot boundary.

How many lots are there in this 1st release? 

44 lots - Section sizes are ranging from 368m² to 600m², with a TC2 rating.

Why are there Covenants as part of the title?

The covenants are there to protect your investment.  We have set in place a number of covenants to ensure each dwelling is of a high standard in the subdivision.

Are there any fencing requirements?

The Vendor will have all boundary fences erected (excluding road frontages and ROW access boundaries) at no cost to the purchaser.

Can I on-sell my section?

No lot may be sold until a house has been constructed. Suburban Estates may grant a dispensation to this requirement at its discretion.

Can we use our own builder?

Yes, you can choose your section and use your own builder, or we can recommend one of the reputable building companies working alongside us

Do property owners need sign-off from Suburban Estates Ltd on house plans before applying for a building consent?

Yes, all plans must be submitted to for design approval.

What zoning rules apply to your Country View subdivision?

Residential New Neighbourhood rules apply