Country Palms - Halswell 3rd Release


  • This sought-after subdivision in the heart of Halswell offers the benefit of being tucked away from noisy main roads, however still within close proximity to everything required to make life relaxed and hassle-free.

  • Supermarkets, sport facilities, library, schools, pre-schools, reserves, cafes, restaurants and bars are just a few of the wonderful local amenities which surround you.

  • Suburban Estates offer a site specific geotech report and partially subsidised fencing costs.

  • Flexible settlement dates and terms and conditions.

Country Palms - Halswell 3rd Release


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Country Palms - Halswell 3rd Release


  • Land Zoning
  • Minimum Dwelling Size
  • Lot Price
  • Fencing
  • Other
  • Total
Lot 1 SOLD 450 m2 TC 2 3 Herbert Street /media/o5ldqjyj/cp3r-individual-01.svg Lot 1
2 SOLD 450 m2 TC 2 3 Boag Place /media/elyp0lnk/cp3r-individual-02.svg Lot 2
3 SOLD 450 m2 TC 2 5 Boag Place /media/iikh4nq5/cp3r-individual-03.svg Lot 3
4 SOLD 528 m2 TC 2 7 Boag Place /media/qrkn0jhy/cp3r-individual-04.svg Lot 4
5 SOLD 600 m2 TC 2 9 Boag Place /media/30ipufkl/cp3r-individual-05.svg Lot 5
6 SOLD 603 m2 TC 2 12 Boag Place /media/yh0p5mxd/cp3r-individual-06.svg Lot 6
7 SOLD 600m2 TC 2 10 Boag Place /media/kclnp3o5/cp3r-individual-07.svg Lot 7
8 SOLD 500 m2 TC 2 8 Boag Place /media/nmtlachy/cp3r-individual-08.svg Lot 8
9 SOLD 500 m 2 TC 2 6 Boag Place /media/qbyjfhlo/cp3r-individual-09.svg Lot 9
10 SOLD 500 m2 TC 2 4 Boag Place /media/ri2fb11u/cp3r-individual-10.svg Lot 10
11 SOLD 508 m2 TC 2 5 Herbert Street /media/cw5lrsg2/cp3r-individual-11.svg Lot 11
12 SOLD 524 m2 TC 2 6 Herbert Street /media/yf0nytzh/cp3r-individual-12.svg Lot 12
13 SOLD 603 m2 TC 2 3 Luck Place /media/0wfhoio2/cp3r-individual-13.svg Lot 13
14 SOLD 602 m2 TC 2 5 Luck Street /media/0ryihogx/cp3r-individual-14.svg Lot 14
15 SOLD 425 m2 TC 2 6 Luck Street /media/vuyjqhc0/cp3r-individual-15.svg Lot 15
16 SOLD 450 m2 TC 2 4 Luck Street /media/al3jfk1e/cp3r-individual-16.svg Lot 16
17 SOLD 450 m2 TC 2 4 Herbert Street /media/xdgazthu/cp3r-individual-17.svg Lot 17

Country Palms - Halswell 3rd Release


  • Titles issued March 2021 DP 552065

  • Free geotech report.

  • Section must have a low pressure approved sewer system

To ensure consistent quality housing, purchasers are required to obtain written approval from SEL for any dwelling prior to making an application for building consent to Christchurch City Council.

Documents required for Developers Approval:

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan - Floor size must be shown
  • Elevations - Exterior cladding must be shown and include colours
  • Roof Plan
  • Lot & DP number must be on the plans

email to

It is the vendors obligation to keep the original dwelling approval on file. Any request for a re issue of a dwelling approval will incur an administration cost.

Geotech Report

These sections are TC2 and an individual site specific geotech reports verifying the rating will be supplied to each purchaser as soon as the earthworks are completed. Geotech reports completed and available on request.

Geotech Report is available in the Key Documents tab.

Low Pressure Sewer System

As part of our Subdivision Consent, Christchurch City Council require a low-pressure sewer pump system to be installed at the purchaser's cost, along with the remainder of the house sewer drain works. Suburban Estates provide you with separate information on our website relating to the sewer system with full details of installation requirements.

Country Palms - Halswell 3rd Release


Full folder with every single document related to Country Palms Stage 3. You can also download individual files from the section to the right. Should you require any clarification please do not hesitate to contact our office.