Country View - Halswell 2nd Release



    $20,000 Winter Package Giveaway*

    *Special terms and conditions apply as follows:

    • The $20,000 Winter Package Giveaway comprises the supply of 1x E/one pump System to the value of approximately $10,000(incl GST – supplied by Ecoflow, excluding installation) and 1x landscape credit voucher (option to choose from Natural Habitats concept package voucher or Oderings credit voucher to the value of $10,000 GST incl.
    • This is a limited time offer available until 30th August 2024
    • Only available sections in our 2nd release Country View are eligible for this promotion.
    • A sale and purchase agreement must be signed and dated by all parties by 5pm 30th August 2024 to qualify for this promotion.
    • The landscape & Ecoflow pump winter package giveaway promotion is contingent upon settlement of this agreement; failure to settle or termination voids this promotion.
    • The landscape credit voucher giveaway promotion is an option between Natural Habitats landscape concept package voucher or an Oderings credit voucher
    • The $20,000 figure is approximate, based on the estimated current supply price of the E/one Pump System. The Purchaser will not be entitled to any difference should the cost of the E/one Pump System be less than $10,000 incl GST, and the Purchaser shall not be required to pay any extra should the cost be more than $10,000 incl GST.


    Ecoflow supply agreement and terms and conditions

    • The installation of the E/One Pump is a mandatory requirement for the lot purchased in this promotion.
    • The E/One Pump System to the value of approximately $10,000 incl. GST retail value (CCC council vested version) offer is valid 18 months after the title for Country View 2nd release has been issued and will be held for this period. After this period, the owner must contact Ecoflow to seek agreement for an extension to the collection date at an additional cost or can collect and store the system themselves.
    • The developer reserves the right to supply the purchaser’s name and telephone number to Ecoflow in respect to the supply agreement.
    • When a build is started, the owner/builder notifies Ecoflow, and the system is ordered. All variations (e.g. if tank is in a driveway) and costs relating to the installation and related installation components are the responsibility of the owner/builder – including any variations as mentioned above.
    • The Sales/Purchases agreement states that this clause is transferable to the new owner should the section be on-sold*. *SEL conditions apply.  The owner would need to advise Ecoflow if the section is on sold so they have the new owner’s details.
    • All costs relating to the installation and related installation components are the responsibility of the owner/builder – including any variations as mentioned above.


    Natural Habitats (NHL) concept package voucher terms and conditions

    • The NHL voucher for the value of $10,000 incl. GST will be presented 10 working days after settlement on the section and is legally required to be applied toward the lot purchase made in this promotion. Any amount spent over $10,000 incl GST with NHL will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser. The voucher cannot be redeemed for cash or used towards the purchase of a gift card, and no change shall be given. The voucher will expire 12 months from the date of issue and any outstanding balance after this time is forfeited.
    • NHL have developed a concept package (attached), which is based on a 430m2 lot at Country View, 2nd release with house and garage size being 160m2, in relation to which the following terms shall apply.
    • The following services are included to ensure clients achieve a fantastic landscape for their new home:
      • Consultation with a qualified horticulturalist for detailed discussion of the landscape package with clients to set expectations.
      • Soil testing (one-off) to analyse soil composition and health and provide improvement recommendations if necessary.
      • Advise the best planting palette for the section based on the soil type, drainage and falls to the section.
      • Suggestions for additional landscape features and benefits, such as planter boxes, decking, and irrigation.
      • Client meetings during installation and care guidance post-project completion.
    • The supplied price assumes consistent handover and availability of areas and we have allowed for continuous, uninterrupted access to work areas. Costs incurred in the event of interruption on continuity will be charged as extra.
    • Pricing is based on a concept design, and as such will be subject to be revision upon issue of detailed construction drawings.
    • Extent of Works is based on Schedule of Quantities calculated and estimated according to provided drawings, all works subject to re-measurement on completion and will be charged at the unit rates quoted.
    • Pricing is based on current supply and availability and subject to fluctuations at time of build, due to uncertain market supply and volatile pricing we are unable to offer fixed lump sum pricing and material prices may be subject to change prior to build works commencing.
    • Assume work to be done during normal working hours.
    • In the event of an authority imposing restrictions which may affect the scope of works, alternative options and their associated costs are to be discussed in order to carry out works to horticultural standards.
    • No allowance has been made for Wetting Agent, Watering and Irrigation.
    • No allowance made for the removal of general waste, builders’ waste, construction spoil or general rubbish.
    • Excavation to correct sub-levels, setting out and erection of profiles are the main contractor’s responsibility.
    • NHL requires the homeowner or lead contractor to insure NHL under their construction works insurance.
    • NH makes every effort to protect your property, but under normal circumstances will not accept responsibility for damage to driveway or services caused by essential traffic or excavation.
    • NH assumes that Traffic Management is to be provided by the main Contractor/client during the life of the project.
    • We do not accept any form of liquidated damages in our contract.
    • No allowance for Craneage, Elevated working Platforms (Scaffolding, Scissor Lift, Boom Lifts etc.).
    • Constructed access to be provided.
    • Price assumes that Natural Habitats will have the ability to stockpile materials onsite during the project.
    • Price assumes the ground is free from underground obstructions and services.
    • Plant material is subject to reasonable availability on receipt of an order, with pricing proposal based on above indicated species grades.

    Oderings terms and conditions

    • A credit voucher to the value of $10,000 incl. GST will be presented 10 working days after settlement on the section and is legally required to be applied toward the lot purchase made in this promotion, with emphasis on streetscape landscaping.
    • Oderings credit vouchers have no value until activated.
    • Oderings credit vouchers can be used for the purchase of goods at Oderings Garden Centres only.
    • Credit vouchers cannot be returned, redeemed for cash, used towards the purchase of a gift card, or used for online purchases.
    • The credit voucher will expire 24 months from the date of issue and any outstanding balance after this time is forfeited.
    • Oderings Garden Centres are not responsible for lost or stolen Credit Vouchers and cannot refund or reissue.
    • The Oderings credit voucher can only be redeemed at an Oderings Garden Centre.

Country View - Halswell 2nd Release


  • Available 12
  • Sold 2
  • Under Offer 0
  • Hold 0

Country View - Halswell 2nd Release


  • Land Zoning
  • Minimum Dwelling Size
  • Lot Price
  • Fencing
  • Other
  • Total
151 AVAILABLE 462m2 $409,000 TC 2 105 Skibbereen Drive Lot 151
152 AVAILABLE 503m2+ $409,000 TC 2 107 Skibbereen Drive Lot 152
153 AVAILABLE 500m2+ $409,000 TC 2 109 Skibbereen Drive Lot 153
154 AVAILABLE 468m2 $405,000 TC 2 111 Skibbereen Drive Lot 154
155 AVAILABLE 430m2 $389,000 TC 2 113 Skibbereen Drive Lot 155
156 AVAILABLE 464m2+ $399,000 TC 2 115 Skibbereen Drive Lot 156
157 AVAILABLE 466m2+ $399,000 TC 2 117 Skibbereen Drive Lot 157
158 SOLD 430m2 $389,000 TC 2 119 Skibbereen Drive Lot 158
159 AVAILABLE 462m 2 $405,000 TC 2 121 Skibbereen Drive Lot 159
160 AVAILABLE 481m2+ $405,000 TC 2 123 Skibbereen Drive Lot 160
161 AVAILABLE 549m2 $435,000 TC 2 100 Skibbereen Drive or 2 Podocarp Drive Lot 161
168 AVAILABLE 475m2 $399,000 TC 2 102 Skibbereen Drive or 1 Podocarp Drive Lot 168
169 SOLD 435m2 $389,000 TC 2 104 Skibbereen Drive Lot 169
170 AVAILABLE 430m2 $375,000 TC 2 106 Skibbereen Drive Lot 170

Country View - Halswell 2nd Release


  • Titles Anticipated end of Q2 early Q3 2024

  • Free geotech report.

    Free boundary fencing (excludes front fencing)

  • Section must have a low pressure approved sewer system

To ensure consistent quality housing, purchasers are required to obtain written approval from SEL for any dwelling prior to making an application for building consent to Christchurch City Council.

Documents required for Developer's Approval:

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan - Floor size must be shown
  • Elevations - Exterior cladding must be shown and include colors
  • Roof Plan
  • The lot number must be on the plans
  • Dwelling Approval Form

The vendor should keep the original dwelling approval on file. Any request for a re-issue of a dwelling approval will incur an administration cost.

Geotech Report

These sections are TC2 and individual site-specific Geotech reports verifying the rating will be supplied to each purchaser as soon as the earthworks are completed. 

Low-Pressure Sewer System

As part of our Subdivision Consent, Christchurch City Council requires a low-pressure sewer pump system to be installed at the purchaser's cost, along with the remainder of the house sewer drain works. Suburban Estates provides you with separate information on our website relating to the sewer system with full details of installation requirements.




How many lots are anticipated in the 2nd release? 

There are 14 lots - Section sizes ranging from 430m² to 549m², with a TC2 rating.

Why are there Covenants as part of the title?

The covenants are there to protect your investment.  We have set in place a number of covenants to ensure each dwelling is of a high standard in the subdivision.

Are there any fencing requirements?

The Vendor will have all boundary fences erected (excluding road frontages and ROW access boundaries) at no cost to the purchaser.

Can I on-sell my section?

No lot may be sold until a house has been constructed. Suburban Estates may grant a dispensation to this requirement at its discretion.

Can we use our builder?

Yes, you can choose your section and use your builder, or we can recommend one of the reputable building companies working alongside us

Do property owners need sign-off from Suburban Estates Ltd on house plans before applying for building consent?

Yes, all plans must be submitted to for design approval.

What zoning rules apply to your Country View subdivision?

Residential New Neighbourhood rules apply