Prévelles - Prebbleton 1st Release


  • Prévelles is located at 59 Tosswill Road, sitting opposite the Prebbleton Reserve and a short walk to the local shops, school and services. Prévelles creates superb lifestyle living with a rural aspect and stunning hill views.

  • Once upon a time...way before the Treaty of Waitangi a family known in England as the People of Prévelles migrated to Canterbury settling in Prebbleton. 

    Over time the Prévelles family name was changed to Prebble.  Pioneer brothers William and Edward Prebble brought land in the area and later Edward Prebble subdivided this land. 

    History repeats as we subdivide the same land and generations later there is still Prebble family in the area. We celebrate the history of Prebbleton Village with our new Subdivision, Prévelles. Proudly developed by Suburban Estates.

Prévelles - Prebbleton 1st Release


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Prévelles - Prebbleton 1st Release


  • Land Zoning
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1 SOLD 650m2 TC1 71 Tosswill Road /media/osyfntxf/lot-1.svg Lot 1
2 SOLD 650m2 TC1 73 Tosswill Road /media/smxmorna/individual-lots-dimensions-02.svg Lot 2
3 SOLD 700m2 TC1 69 Tosswill Road /media/eqzpex3i/individual-lots-dimensions-03.svg Lot 3
4 SOLD 700m2 TC1 67 Tosswill Road /media/vcnnapoh/individual-lots-dimensions-04.svg Lot 4
5 SOLD 684m2 TC1 2 Edward Law Boulevard or 65 Tosswill Road /media/uiofslbj/individual-lots-dimensions-05.svg Lot 5
6 SOLD 700m2 TC1 4 Edward Law Boulevard /media/4fyb0s3a/individual-lots-dimensions-06.svg Lot 6
7 SOLD 700m2 TC1 6 Edward Law Boulevard /media/xbbov4dx/individual-lots-dimensions-07.svg Lot 7
8 SOLD 700m2 TC1 8 Edward Law Boulevard /media/gmoopas1/individual-lots-dimensions-50.svg Lot 8
9 SOLD 700m2 TC1 10 Edward Law Boulevard /media/nqjea31n/individual-lots-dimensions-51.svg Lot 9
10 SOLD 700m2 TC1 12 Edward Law Boulevard /media/lzzdttwa/individual-lots-dimensions-52.svg Lot 10
11 SOLD 681m2 TC1 14 Edward Law Boulevard or 2 Maurice James Way /media/x1ujbgro/individual-lots-dimensions-53.svg Lot 11
12 SOLD 700m22 TC1 4 Maurice James Way /media/r3phhws0/individual-lots-dimensions-54.svg Lot 12
13 SOLD 700m2 TC1 6 Maurice James Way /media/j20i0a1j/individual-lots-dimensions-55.svg Lot 13
14 SOLD 680m2 TC1 8 Maurice James Way /media/vy5bik4l/individual-lots-dimensions-56.svg Lot 14
15 SOLD 673m2 TC1 10 Maurice James Way /media/53mbgsoy/individual-lots-dimensions-08.svg Lot 15
16 SOLD 620m2 TC1 12 Maurice James Way /media/gmhddimh/individual-lots-dimensions-09.svg Lot 16
17 SOLD 650m2 TC1 14 Maurice James Way /media/dldh2a5u/individual-lots-dimensions-10.svg Lot 17
18 SOLD 702m2 TC1 16 Maurice James Way /media/cqzdval5/individual-lots-dimensions-11.svg Lot 18
19 SOLD 671m2 TC1 21 Maurice James Way /media/lhabipyz/individual-lots-dimensions-12.svg Lot 19
20 SOLD 655m2 TC1 19 Maurice James Way /media/0siifoow/individual-lots-dimensions-13.svg Lot 20
21 SOLD 700m2 TC1 17 Maurice James Way /media/incmt04x/individual-lots-dimensions-14.svg Lot 21
22 SOLD 700m2 TC1 15 Maurice James Way /media/njqh0qfg/individual-lots-dimensions-15.svg Lot 22
23 SOLD 700m2 TC1 13 Maurice James Way /media/2vgm4tak/individual-lots-dimensions-16.svg Lot 23
24 SOLD 700m2 TC1 11 Maurice James Way /media/245bzhp0/individual-lots-dimensions-17.svg Lot 24
25 SOLD 700m2 TC1 9 Maurice James Way /media/gkkiadqe/individual-lots-dimensions-18.svg Lot 25
26 SOLD 700m2 TC1 7 Maurice James Way /media/l3di5mtm/individual-lots-dimensions-19.svg Lot 26
27 SOLD 700m2 TC1 5 Maurice James Way /media/sgibg5vp/individual-lots-dimensions-20.svg Lot 27
28 SOLD 700m2 TC1 3 Maurice James Way /media/ceefn0aq/individual-lots-dimensions-21.svg Lot 28
29 SOLD 708m2 TC1 18 Edward Law Boulevard /media/ogdhmk4j/individual-lots-dimensions-22.svg Lot 29
30 SOLD 692m2 TC1 20 Edward Law Boulevard /media/p4eonc0a/individual-lots-dimensions-23.svg Lot 30
109 SOLD 708m2 TC1 14 Mary Gebbie Avenue or 27 Edward Law Boulevard /media/jsrhej0j/individual-lots-dimensions-38.svg Lot 109
110 SOLD 700m2 TC1 25 Edward Law Boulevard /media/5idhuq1n/individual-lots-dimensions-39.svg Lot 110
115 SOLD 700m2 TC1 15 Edward Law Boulevard /media/wrlfrfx5/individual-lots-dimensions-44.svg Lot 115
116 SOLD 700m2 TC1 13 Edward Law Boulevard /media/3vckbhcs/individual-lots-dimensions-45.svg Lot 116
119 SOLD 700m2 TC1 7 Edward Law Boulevard /media/sldb2nen/individual-lots-dimensions-48.svg Lot 119
120 SOLD 500m2 TC 1 5 Edward Law Boulevard /media/2l2jabtm/individual-lots-dimensions-49.svg Lot 120
121 SOLD 500m2 TC1 3 Edward Law Boulevard /media/fssjnqki/individual-lots-dimensions-58.svg Lot 121
122 SOLD 659m2 TC1 1 Edward Law Boulevard or 61 Tosswill Road /media/lvabpjs3/individual-lots-dimensions-57.svg Lot 122

Prévelles - Prebbleton 1st Release


  • 1st and 2nd Release Titles issued May 2021

    DP 556577

  • Free geotech report

To ensure consistent quality housing, purchasers are required to obtain written approval from SEL for any dwelling prior to making an application for building consent to Selwyn District Council.

Documents required for Developers Approval:

Please refer to section information and building guidelines 

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan - Floor size (over framing) 
  • Elevations - Exterior cladding must be shown and include colours
  • Roof Plan
  • Lot & DP number must be on the plans

email to

It is the vendors obligation to keep the original dwelling approval on file. Any request for a re issue of a dwelling approval will incur an administration cost.


Geotech Report

These sections are TC1 (with the exception of Lots 33, 85, 93, 94, 95, 96 & 105) and an individual site specific geotech report verifying the rating will be supplied to each purchaser as soon as the earthworks are completed.

Release 1 & 2 Geotech reports are available on request.  Release 2 tests will be carried out around the date of issue of title (approximately early 2022).

Overall Subdivision Geotech Report is available in the Key Documents tab.

Low Pressure Sewer System

As part of our Subdivision Consent, Selwyn District Council require a low-pressure sewer pump system for particular lots.  This is to be installed at the vendors cost, along with the remainder of the house sewer drain works. Suburban Estates provide you with separate information on our website relating to the sewer system with full details of installation requirements.

Prévelles - Prebbleton 1st Release


Full folder with every single document related to Prévelles. You can also download individual files from the section to the right. Should you require any clarification please do not hesitate to contact our office.