Oakbridge - Marshland 3rd Release


  • Suburban Estates Ltd in partnership with KB Contracting & Quarries Ltd purchased 35 hectares of land, in the Marshland location. This new subdivision now called Oakbridge will consist of approximately 450 sections ranging in size from 300m² to 800m², catering for the executive townhouse through to the luxury family home.

    Located in the flourishing neighborhood of Marshland and within close proximity to the new motorway, providing an easy commute into the city, you are also only a short drive from the amenities in Northlands and Northwood Super Centre as well as the recreational opportunities around Bottle Lake Forest.  We invite you to visit any of the 8 Show homes located in Oakbridge open to the public on Oakbridge Blvd and Mills Rd from Wed -Sun 12-4 pm. Each team is there to guide and assist you with your future home and can guide you with your section choice and budget.

    Excellent schooling options come in the form of zoning for Redwood School, Casebrook Intermediate, Papanui High School, and St Bede's College and Marian College, the location couldn't be more accessible to everything you need.

Oakbridge - Marshland 3rd Release


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  • Sold 32
  • Under Offer 0
  • Hold 1

Oakbridge - Marshland 3rd Release


  • Land Zoning
  • Minimum Dwelling Size
  • Lot Price
  • Fencing
  • Other
  • Total
121 SOLD 513m2 $420,000 TC2 11 Burkett Street Lot 121
122 SOLD 508m2 $410,000 TC2 1 Rogal Close Lot 122
123 SOLD 599m2 $460,000 TC2 3 Rogal Close Lot 123
124 SOLD 600m2+ TC2 5 Rogal Close Lot 124
125 SOLD 522m2 TC2 7 Rogal Close Lot 125
126 SOLD 503m2 $410,000 TC2 9 Rogal Close Lot 126
127 AVAILABLE 552m2+ $455,000 TC2 8 Rogal Close Lot 127
128 AVAILABLE 555m2+ $455,000 TC2 6 Rogal Close Lot 128
129 SOLD 451m2 TC2 4 Rogal Close Lot 129
130 SOLD 422m2 TC2 2 Rogal Close or 15 Burkett Street Lot 130
131 SOLD 423m2 TC2 17 Burkett Street Lot 131
132 SOLD 423m2 TC2 19 Burkett Street Lot 132
133 SOLD 500m2 $405,000 TC2 19 Accrington Drive or 21 Burkett Street Lot 133
134 SOLD 450m2 TC2 21 Accrington Drive Lot 134
135 SOLD 445m2 TC2 23 Accrington Drive Lot 135
136 SOLD 445m2 TC2 25 Accrington Drive Lot 136
150 SOLD 440m2 TC2 24 Accrington Drive Lot 150
151 SOLD 459m2 $390,000 TC2 22 Accrington Drive Lot 151
152 SOLD 474m2 $400,000 TC2 20 Accrington Drive Lot 152
153 AVAILABLE 548m2 $440,000 TC2 18 Accington Drive or 72 Burkett Street Lot 153
154 AVAILABLE 595m2 $455,000 TC2 18 Burkett Street Lot 154
155 AVAILABLE 544m2 $440,000 TC2 20 Burkett Street Lot 155
156 AVAILABLE 502m2 $415,000 TC2 22 Burkett Street Lot 156
157 AVAILABLE 482m2 $395,000 TC2 24 Burkett Street Lot 157
158 AVAILABLE 535m2+ $430,000 TC2 26 Burkett Street Lot 158
159 AVAILABLE 582m2+ $455,000 TC2 28 Burkett Street Lot 159
160 SOLD 558m2+ $450,000 TC2 30 Burkett Street Lot 160
161 SOLD 492m2+ $405,000 TC2 32 Burkett Street Lot 161
162 SOLD 488m2 $400,000 TC2 34 Burkett Street Lot 162
163 AVAILABLE 554m2 $440,000 TC2 36 Burkett Street or 17 Accrington Drive Lot 163
164 AVAILABLE 550m2 $440,000 TC2 16 Accrington Drive or 39 Burkett Street Lot 164
165 SOLD 450m2 TC2 14 Accrington Drive Lot 165
166 SOLD 450m2 $380,000 TC2 12 Accrington Drive Lot 166
167 SOLD 500m2 $410,000 TC2 10 Accrington Drive Lot 167
168 SOLD 519m2 $420,000 TC2 8 Accrington Drive Lot 168
169 AVAILABLE 563m2 $460,000 TC2 6 Accrington Drive Lot 169
189 SOLD 400m2 TC2 4 Accrington Drive or 2 Kopper Crescent Lot 189
190 SOLD 355m2 TC2 15 Accrington Drive Lot 190
191 SOLD 379m2 TC2 13 Accrington Drive Lot 191
192 SOLD 381m2 TC2 11 Accrington Drive Lot 192
193 SOLD 390m2 TC2 9 Accrington Drive Lot 193
194 Hold 484m2 $400,000 TC2 7 Accrington Drive Lot 194
195 SOLD 503m2 $410,000 TC2 5 Accrington Drive Lot 195
196 SOLD 526m2 TC2 3 Accrington Drive Lot 196
197 SOLD 814m2 TC2 1 Accrington Drive Lot 197
198 AVAILABLE 800m2 $599,000 TC2 2 Accrington Drive or 45 Hawkins Road Lot 198

Oakbridge - Marshland 3rd Release


To ensure consistent quality housing, purchasers are required to obtain written approval from SEL for any dwelling prior to making an application for building consent to Christchurch City Council.

Documents required for Developer's Approval:
  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan - Floor size must be shown
  • Elevations - Exterior cladding must be shown and include colours
  • Roof Plan
  • Lot number must be on the plans
  • Dwelling Approval Form
Geotech Report

These sections are TC2 and individual site-specific Geotech reports verifying the rating will be supplied to each purchaser as soon as the earthworks are completed. 

Low-Pressure Sewer System

As part of our Subdivision Consent, Christchurch City Council requires a low-pressure sewer pump system to be installed, along with the remainder of the house sewer drain works. Suburban Estates provides you with separate information on our website relating to the sewer system with full details of installation requirements.  Please note the sewer pump must be purchased and installed at your own cost

Water Connections

It is up to the purchaser to coordinate the new water connection. Water connections (tobies) are not installed as part of subdivision construction, except for rear access lots (i.e. up a long driveway or right of way). This is a requirement of CCC and happens in all new subdivisions.  The purchaser will need to apply for a water connection at their own cost with CCC. Once approved, the council will send their contractor out to make a connection into the potable water submain which is installed in the berm, approximately 300mm outside the lot boundary.

Site Investigation and Analysis

The site (Oakbridge) has historically been used for agricultural and pastoral purposes, containing large fruit orchards and grazing areas.  The Listed Land Use Register (LLUR) indicates information regarding Hazardous Activities or Industries (as defined on the HAIL list).  Testing of this 3rd release has identified and confirmed that there are elevated concentrations of copper and zinc, while deemed suitable for residential use any excess soil needs to be disposed of at an endorsed managed fill facility. Present endorsed managed fill facilities are as follows: Winstone Aggregates Wheatsheaf Facility, 48 Selwyn Road, Rolleston,  Frews Managed Fill Facility, 85 Factory Road, Belfast or Burwood Resource Recovery Park, Landfill Ave, Waimari Beach.  We (SPL) have obtained the required resource "Global Consent" to be utilized by each purchaser.  All costs incurred and management in relation to the disposal of the soil are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  For further information please refer to the "Global Consent" and "Site Management Plan for Global Consent" under our Key Docs section.

How many lots will there be in the 3rd release? 

Oakbridge 3rd release consists of 46 lots.  Section sizes are ranging from 355m² to 814m², with a TC2 rating.

Why are there Covenants as part of the title?

The covenants are there to protect your investment.  We have set in place a number of covenants to ensure each dwelling is of a high standard in the subdivision.

Are there any fencing requirements?

The Vendor will have all boundary fences erected (excluding road frontages and ROW access boundaries) at no cost to the purchaser.

Can I on-sell my section?

No lot may be sold until a house has been constructed. Suburban Estates may grant a dispensation to this requirement at its discretion.

Can we use our own builder?

Yes, you can choose your section and use your own builder, or we can recommend one of the reputable building companies working alongside us

Do property owners need sign-off from Suburban Estates Ltd on house plans before applying for building consent?

Yes, all plans must be submitted to admin@suburbanestates.co.nz for design approval.